Cnaps French Authority licensing for guarding.

The French equivalent to SIA authority in the UK is an internationally recognized accreditation.

The security sector in France much like in Uk is dogged with high turnover of staff and in some parts low skilled workers. Difficulty to recruit within this sector of the security industry in France is well known.

The trade is therefore in constant flux and attracts many applicants from varied other sectors. In 2016, according to INSEE, the profession had over 7,500 net total jobs created.

Regulatory constraints

following the Article L. 611-1 of the Internal Security Code, the internal security activity of the enterprise requires that the individual operator or the legal person applicable holds an administrative authorization and that employees participant, even if not exclusively, have an individual business card. Known as the “The Cnaps it has an administrative police mission that aims to regulate security market access by submitting any person, physical or moral, wishing to exercise a private security activity to an authorization, specifies his or her direction. This will apply in any sector within the industry is not limted to retail security or Concierge and Hotel Security Services. Since 2016 and the integration of the field of training organizations, this is the entire chain of private security and variation that is the subject of an administrative inquiry. It verifies, for natural persons, the professional aptitude as well as the morality of the applicants.

A Need to extend the morality aspect and control.
At the end of the administrative investigation, a local accreditation and control committee (CLAC), out of the thirteen existing on the national territory (France), decides on the issue or not of the title. It can also withdraw or suspend a valid authorization. “Thus, then any company or training organization must be issued an authorization to practice or an operating license for internal security services,”This summarizes the overall management of Cnaps. In 2017, the regulatory body received 125,448 requests and duly responded favorably to 113,134 cases. 

Every five years, these authorizations from Cnaps must be renewed and therefore will require updating of skills as part of the continuing education within sector. “The professional regulatory card is not currently required within the fire industry, according to sources close to industry there are regrets Claude Tarlet, President of the French Federation of Private Security. He has said “We strongly hope, for reasons of prevention of the terrorist threat, that it will soon be integrated into the field of control of the Cnaps”. “It does not make sense to control the agents that filter the inputs, when those who have all access to the most sensitive areas of a building do not undergo any morality check. ” This has proved to be poignant and valid point one which is still discussed years later.

The difficulty in recruiting for security companies in France.

Despite the ever growing demand from retail to construction, Security companies in France unanimously report the troubles and difficulties recruiting. “A Security agent is a job considered to be easy to access in terms of entry level employment, which requires just 140 hours of mandatory security training,” says president of the company Titan Security Europe a guarding company, whom operates and is based in Europe, which employs a hundred of employees and has a large turnover. 

When the officer arrives at his position, it takes between two and four days of additional training on site. This is, despite what the candidates imagine, a profession that is professionalizing and requires a degree of aptitude ,We prefer to speak of technicians rather than agents to further the profession. In addition, many of the constraints of the security job: such as night work and weekend as well as unsocial hours on national holidays. The collective agreement sets a maximum working time of 48 hours a week and a 12 hour day. It also guarantees a rest period of 11 hours between two holidays. Still, these constraints are poorly perceived by employees something which differs in other European countries. In 2016, 155,800 were hired and were registered in companies in the profession through cnaps, a hiring rate of 93%, according to INSEE. Departure rates are also very high: 148,300 in 2016. For this reason the difficulty in recruiting within the french security market does not seem to be slowing.

The skills needed from a security service agency in France.

One of the key competencies of security guard is reliability and being punctual. The Managers of security companies thus have to navigate both complex and regulatory requirements and necessary cover in event of any issues. The management therefore must understand and comprehend the requirements of client but also site its self. Understanding the objectives of application of security guard is essential. Entrusted by client when initiated to provide service means expectation is required and necessary to deliver to safeguard this notion. The company has sold if you like the product therefore must deliver on this. The ability to anticipate and be transparent in approach to an ever changing environment is key. Typical guarding wages will be two thousand euro’s a month gross however for those that work weekend and un-social hours this wage will increase based upon these factors.

The ability of guard and there flexibility.

According to Article L. 612-2 of the Internal Security Code, security missions are exclusive of any other mission. As a result of this the monitoring of guards that can not perform non-security related tasks such as cleaning or other maintenance work. “Nevertheless, in practice, some of these assignments on occasion are assigned to guarding, at the request of customers. We want to better recognize this state of affairs – as long as it remains compatible with the primary security mission – and ultimately enhance’s the competencies that are , synonymous with elevation in a social ladder within industry. However this trend presents multitude of problems. Starting with the clear understanding of the lack of revaluation of remuneration the company and guard. As well as the boundaries between security and commercial reception mission, for example, which are more unclear. ” In practice, guards are often unoccupied this is were Titan Security Europes ability to manage from sector of concierge will come in.

The standpoint and outlook from a customers perspective.

From a customer perspective or outlook the views above are one’s that must be handled by security company. The client or customer has a outline and expectation which will fall or bestow on that of company providing security. Titan security europe are able to meet this demand with a dedicated twenty four hour service that covers globally with offices across Europe and bi-lingual staff .

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