end to end transport security

Convoy of High-Value Goods

It is no secret that a 44 tonne Heavy Goods Vehicle can carry a serious amount of cargo. And when those goods are high-value, it is quite possible for the value of a single cargo to be in excess of millions of pounds. And this was the case when an international haulier commissioned Titan Security … Continued

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global car event

Global Car Brand Event Security

The motor industry takes every opportunity to showcase its latest models, futuristic concept cars, and a whole range of high-value motoring accessories to an enthusiastic public who flock to these events. Held in huge arenas across the world they attract thousands of visitors every day. They also require a special kind of security to keep … Continued

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security guarding car hire site

Car Hire Company

Titan Security was approached by a national car hire company that had purchased multiple sites across the UK. We were contracted to provide manned guarding and security cover while the sites were being prepared for incoming tenants. High-value vehicles, tools, and equipment were unmanned and vulnerable for a period of time until our client and … Continued

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