In 2017 rolling into 2018 we provided security across the South of the UK to the Travel Lodge hotel chain. This involved being a first point of contact to customers. The role required a Door supervisor to patrol internally and externally to ensure guests were kept safe. In some Hotels such as Brighton during peak times in summer and when events such as Pride were in progress there were requirements at both town centre sites and out of town sites to provide two Door Supervisors. This concierge role required guards with DS Sia license due to alcohol being served on site. The role of concierge in hotels will sometimes involve a degree of training to handle such situations that can arise with unwanted guests coming into the hotel. Weekend supply of officers to the hotels was key in preventing crime and disorder as well as reassuring customers of a good night’s sleep in a town centre location. One site in Plymouth was a flash point due to the hotel sharing its stairway with a nightclub, we discussed with the hotel manager ways to avoid party goers coming into hallway and linking with the hotel. This had previously posed an issue for another security company which remained unresolved. We looked at positioning of the guards and the frequency of guard’s patrols via fire exits which linked to adjacent shared access. Communication was also a key factor and we established communications with all neighbouring clubs. By introducing links between them we were able to neutralise this issue and subsequently saw a complete reduction in revellers in nightclub ending up in the stairwell. The manager of this site was pleased with the work we did in securing hotel and staff working on site.

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