global car eventThe motor industry takes every opportunity to showcase its latest models, futuristic concept cars, and a whole range of high-value motoring accessories to an enthusiastic public who flock to these events. Held in huge arenas across the world they attract thousands of visitors every day. They also require a special kind of security to keep these multi-million pound displays safe and secure.

Titan Security was entrusted with providing security to a series of global car events in some major cities around the world. We supplied teams of highly trained security personnel to provide access control and monitoring duties. Our brief was first to make sure that unauthorised visitors were refused entry, while authorised visitors were kept safe and observed any access restrictions in place. Secondly, we made sure the cars on display were kept safe and secure and at the end of the event, left the arena in the same condition they entered it in.

Our teams of security guards were in place around the clock to maintain a vigilant watch over the vehicles both during the day when the arenas were crowded, and also at night after the crowds had gone home.

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