It is no secret that a 44 tonne Heavy Goods Vehicle can carry a serious amount of cargo. And when those goods are high-value, it is quite possible for the value of a single cargo to be in excess of millions of pounds.

And this was the case when an international haulier commissioned Titan Security to provide transport security for a convoy of high-value goods. Our brief was to safeguard the loading of the vehicles at the warehouse, provide an escort to the convoy on route to the destination and then oversee the unloading of the cargo into secure premises.

Initially, Titan security guards were present at the loading site to provide a security presence with oversight of the loading process.

Our security teams were then deployed in a series of discrete unmarked vehicles, centrally managed and monitored from our own control room. We used GPRS position tracking and the latest in state-of-the-art communications technology to monitor the convoy at all times. The multi-million-pound cargo was delivered safely to the destination without incident, where it was unloaded into secure storage under the constant attention of our security personnel.

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