Despite the benefits that have emerged as a result rapid technological advancements in the fields of CCTV and remote monitoring has had over recent years, there is still no comparison to the level of safety and security that having a manned security guard offers. Here we are going to take a look at a few of the benefits.

Safer environments for customers and staff

The use of a customer facing security guard, at your pub or nightclub for example, can help protect both customers and staff from violence and intimidation. Manned security guards are well-trained and are able to detect even the smallest of issues and appropriately deal with them before they escalate.

Loss prevention

While a security camera can assist with the apprehending of thieves, the presence of a manned security guard, either stationed at the entrance or on visible patrol around your shop acts as a deterrent and reduces the likelihood that a thief will consider your business a viable target. In the event that an individual does attempt to steal from your business then having a guard on hand lessens the chances of your business suffering losses.

Stop unauthorised access

Having a manned security guard on-site can help prevent unauthorised access to your construction site. While at times trespassers can just be teenagers causing trouble, or homeless people looking for somewhere to sleep. More often than not people accessing building sites illegally do so only for one reason – to steal. Valuable construction materials, tools, and even plant machinery are the targets of such thieves, with a manned security guard incidents like this will be a thing of the past.

Protection against damage and destruction

Whether it’s people causing damage while trying to gain access to your property, or someone who’s had one too many to drink and are getting rather rowdy. A manned security guard can deter vandals as well as break-ins, via regular visible patrols and a strong on-site presence.

More responsive than CCTV alone

Unlike CCTV guards are able to detect issues such as gas leaks and weather damage to rooftops. Manned security guards provide a more multi-sensory response, as it is highly likely that they will hear break-ins occur long before evidence can be seen via CCTV.

How to enable your business to benefit

In order for your business to benefit in the way described above, consider utilising one of the professional, experienced manned security guards that Titan Security Europe employs. Titan Security Europe are a security company based in the South-West of England that also provide services throughout the UK.

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